Forgotten Warriors

Forgotten Warriors
These 76 Marines are part of “The Forgotten Warriors” of Hotel Company.  Forty-eight years ago they came home from a war.  There were no parades, no celebrations, no flag waving, and no patriotic speeches by government officials or politicians. They were Vietnam Veterans.  They passed away while waiting to hear America say, “Welcome Home” and “Thank you for your Service”.  These “Forgotten Warriors” of the Vietnam War have never been “welcomed home”. We salute them here on this page.
Tony G. Abeyta  03 September 1965
Horacio M. Alonzo  15 April 1998Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego, CA
Ronald E. Barker  08 November 2003Precious, West Virginia
Iwan G. Basansky, Jr   Fort Meyers, Florida
James Brown
Lewis E. Butler  10 November 1987Monks Cemetery, Bangor, Michigan
Stephen E. Calac  12 July 2001Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego, CA
Thomas L. Cisneros  11 February 1995National Memorial Cemetery, Phoenix, Arizona
Stephen L. Coco  2009 Biloxi National Cemetery
Edward J Conway 23 July 1999 Immaculate Conception Cemetery, Lawrence, MA
Robert W. Davis 11 Sept 2009 Crestlawn Cemetery, Vero Beach, FL
Lasalle Donnell  30 November 2008 Corsicana, Texas
Richard L. Doran  25 September 2002  Bristol, Florida
James C. Dorsey
Edmon R. Downer   Florida
Joseph H. Fitch  19 March 2010Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery, Bear, Delaware
Donald E. Flaherty  13 August 2008Monroe, Michigan
Johnny M. Gemensky  25 January 2011National Cemetery of the Allegheniew, Cecil, PA
Freddie L. Gifford  09 January 1999Keith Springs Cemetery, Winchester, Tennessee
Richard A. Glessner  05 July 2004Utah State Veterans Memorial Park, Bluffdale, Utah
Gary M. Grove  10 April 1998Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego, CA
Donald F. Hall  04 February 2012
David J. Hankins  12 February 1982Hillcrest Memory Gardens, Oklahoma
Henry F. Hardin  07 March 2008Highland Springs, Virginia
Benjamin F. Harper  15 May 1996High Point, North Carolina
Gary O. Harrison  17 June 2003Spring Valley, California
Francis W. Hebert  17 February 2001Bethlehem Memorial Park, Bethlehem, PA
Dennis D. Hopcroft  29 July 1976Mount Mariah Cemetery, Kansas City, Missouri
Robert W Hoy  20 June 2006South Florida National Cemetery, Lake Worth, FL
Manuel J. Huerta  05 August 2011San Marcos, California
Ross C. Jackson  27 September 2009Warren, Indiana
Jerome C. Kirkpatrick  09 May 2008Ogallala Cemetery, Ogallala, Nebraska
Jerry D. Laskey  01 July 1984Hopkins Cemetery, Hopkins, Missouri
Tyrone H. Lee  10 December 1983 Aurora, Illinois
Harold C. Linden  13 April 1999 Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego, CA
Ivan R. Lott  2008 North Star Cemetery, North Star, Michigan
Anthony J. Margiotta  29 March 2011 Beaufort National Cemetery, Beaufort, South Carolina
Billy C. Marlow  20 September 2009 County Line Cemetery, Sesser, Illinois
Paul H. Martin  13 August 2009  Somerset, Maine
Louis L. McDaniel  10 February 2000  Angleton Cemetery, Angleton, Texas
Cornel J. Mentler, Jr.  15 October 1987  Strongsville, Ohio
Robert J Milberry   June 1975
Gerard J. Molito (Corpsman)
Marc A. Moore   05 April 2013  Escondido, California
Richard A. Morgan August 2012
Nels S. Nelson   02 October 1981  Private Cemetery in Minnesota
Robert L. Niebauer   15 March 1988
William J. Nielson   08 December 1991
William A. Oberg  05 July 1965  Willamette National Cemetery
James T. O’May  05 May 1966
Leo R. Pare   10 February 1976  St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Temple Hills, Maryland
Johnny D. Parks   28 October 1999
William B. Parsons  2000 Brevard Veterans Cemetery, Brevard County, Florida
Willie L. Patterson  23 June 2006  Chicago, Illinois
Samuel L. Pierce  03 March 1987
Leon J. Presley   1976  Tennessee
Angelo P. Rainaldi   Greenwich, Connecticut
Gary L. Rhodes   22 December 2006 Greenlawn Memorial Park, Bakersfield, California
Robert B. Robinson  28 January 1997  Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Enka, NC
Richard J. Rodriquez  18 February 1988  Illinois
Arthur L. Rush   01 January 2005  Fasken Cemetery, Jasper, Missouri
Jeffery J. Russell
Oscar Sanchez   25 Feburary 1973 Catholic Cemetery BC #5, Larodo, TX
Edward Shannon   07 October 2007  Dallas-Ft. Worth National Cemetery
William T. Stumbo   August 1984  Jefferson County, Oklahoma
James P. Summers   01 November 2010  Danville National Cemetery, Danville, Illinois
Jean (John) R. Tessier
Joseph D. Tidwell  06 February 2006  Bethel Cemetery, Tuscumbia, Alabama
Conrad Vandervort   12 May 2001  Pearce Cemetery, Oswego, Illinois
Ronald E. Varner  18 April 2006   Christian Memorial Center Cemetery, Rochester Hills, MI
Laverne A. Vondran   11 December 1995  Rock Island National Cemetery, Rock Island, Illinois
David G. Wallis    13 December 2003   Camp Butler Cemetery, Springfield, Illinois
James W. Whipple   18 January 1995   Our Most Merciful Savior, Santee Niobrara, Nebraska
Curtis E. Young   27 March 2011  Calverton National Cemetery, Calverton, New York
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